Hydrotherapy Spa

 If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Back Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Circulation, Stress, Muscular pain, Stiffness, Cramps or Tension, Hydrotherapy can target these problems very effectively.
After 5 minutes - your blood pressure and pulse rates start to drop—you start to relax fully

After 10 minutes - your circulation improves in your hands and feet making them warmer.
After 15 minutes - your muscles will relax becoming more receptive to passive exercise, fibrous tissue becomes more pliable and responsive to stretching encouraging the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your system.
After 20 minutes - your aches and pains will experience a decrease in severity.

Further Treatments

After 3 treatments - your immune system will be improved.
After 5 treatments - tension, emotional and physical pain will noticeably be reduced.
After 10 treatments - your pain relief will be longer lasting, you'll experience a greater sense of well-being.
£25 per 20 minute session.


 Thanks to the good old British weather. We do not sweat enough and thus toxins etc build up in our bodies. Dr. Ben H Douglas, a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre and author of “Ageless: Living Younger Longer,” states “Sweating is a way of energizing the skin almost the way exercising a muscle energizes it.” He goes on to explain, when you sweat, the rush of fluid to the skin “bathes skin cells with a liquid rich in nutrients,” which “fills in the spaces around the cells” and even plumps up tiny wrinkles. He says the nutrients and minerals in sweat “are essential to maintaining the collagen structure of the skin.” Thus, bathing your skin in sweat on a regular basis staves off the collagen breakdown that results in wrinkles and sags.  A Sauna will also help you lose weight by burning off calories. A sauna not only feels good, it’s good for you. Whether it’s the physiological changes that occur in the warmth of a sauna, or if it’s simply the time spent in the calm, still retreat of the sauna, all who sauna agree—it feels wonderful! As we go through our daily stressful lives, the sauna provides a pampering retreat—where we can relax and restore body and soul. A sauna truly makes you “Feel Better”, “Look Better” and “Sleep Better”.£25 per 20 minute session. Or combine with 20 minute hydrotherapy Jacuzzi for only £45 all in.

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